On the road again, only to the Florida Panhandle

No motorcycle much less the Dragon Princess was ever designed to haul like this one was loaded today. However, the Dragon Princess was on a mission and once given a mission she only waited for the key to turn in the ignition and it was giddy up and go. The mission was to deliver Christmas presents for five kids in the Panhandle of Florida.

For who knows what reason, the Dragon Princess loves to strut her stuff at the Harley Davidson show rooms around the nation and the one in Tallahassee is no exception.  She pulled right up front and took up three parking spaces and no one said a word. This is actually a pit stop for both Poo Bear and the pilot as they have both good coffee in their lounges and clean rest rooms which can be hard hard to find.

Pulling into Capital City Harley Davidson was like passing in front of an honor guard of Harley Davidson motorcycles. A spring chicken the Dragon Princes is not as she has over 75,000 miles and put together in 2004. However, she has a ‘can do’ spirit and a clear direction that made all these show boats drool in respect and admiration. After all, it is not often they get to see such an inspiration that is in it for the long haul.

The run to the Panhandle was marked by two great truths. The first was the reality of shadows. We left Gainesville when the temperature was in the 40s. As the sun came out, it only warms what is in its path. You can feel the temperature differences as you move in and out of the shadows. The second is that there is no law in Florida. As we moved along the highway with a load and a half it was a clip of highway speed plus ten. Cars would pass us like we were standing still.

The day after a 250 jaunt deserves a polishing for the Dragon Princes and that I normally make my best effort. However, it takes about 400 milligrams of IBpropane and an hour to get me in the mood for all the bending and polishing. Well, today I discovered a new truth. I could take the desk chair with rollers and polish to my hearts content moving here and there as I discovered spots that I had missed. When all was said and done, it was kick my feet back and rest.

As I was resting a lady came out from a room a couple of doors down to smoke a cigarette. After a few minutes, it occurred to that this would be a wonderful opportunity to have someone take a photo of me. So, I asked her if she would do such a thing. She came over and took the above photo. A conversation ensued. She said she was coming to Panama City to bury her son who had committed suicide as a sailor in the  Navy stationed in Tampa. No sooner than the words had left her mouth than her daughter came out with a message from grandmother who was still in the room and so she left. Until this moment, all of the suicides of the men and women who have gone through the meat grinders in the mid East have been statistics and they now came home. My only regret is that the politicians and businessmen who profit on the war should also serve in the war they send others to fight so they can reap the benefits of such wars.

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