Thanksgiving at the Gateless Gate

Angie and Becky are the duty cooks this Thanksgiving and the cooking started at about 0830. Everything except the turkey was cooked from scratched. No doubt some of y’all will recognize both cooks. They do cook with lots of heart. Once all the envelopes are sorted, filled and stamped then the dinner begins. After the dinner and clean-up there is conversation and then more often than not a DVD of some sort

Each year at Thanksgiving our center makes an effort to assemble and distribute as many packets of stamped Christmas cards as we can and as far as our money will reach. Every year, our list of names of those that have participated in programs we have conducted exceeds the number of packets.This year we put together 65 complete  packets of 4 stamped cards and envelops which will reach 260 men, women and children.

After cards were stuffed then came the dinner. No matter how you cut it, there was a lot of food for 14 people. There was the the food cook by Becky and Angie and then there was the food and dink brought by the guest. Truly, it was a feast. As good as the feast was, was the company.


The dinner was laid out on one table in the dinning room and most of the guests ate on the conference table in the robe room. The overflow either went out on the porch or ate on the couches in the dining room. There was no sense of rush but nothing more than enjoying good food in a relaxed atmosphere with good company. I don’t know that there is much more to be thankful for in life.

After dinner, everyone dived for soft chairs and the couch. Even poo bear was enjoying the couch. He in particular had much to be thankful for on this day. His time at the center is down to two days prior to a 250 run on the motorcycle and being delivered into the arms of a six year old girl. He will be free of early morning wake-ups and the prospect of 108 prostrations. Now, he has never been on a motorcycle much less any time in Florida. However, he is acting as navigator for the trip to the Florida Panhandle and the arms of his new friend.



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