Ride to the Panhandle of Florida (the mission and ride back)

Saturday night Poo Bear takes his last ride on the Dragon Princes. In a strange way the phrase ‘parting is such swee sorrow’ came to mind. It seems as forever than every time I came down the steps to turn on the lights that I would be mildly startled by the sight of Poor bear just sitting on the couch in a quiet state of repose. Here he sits in a quiet state of repose surrending himself to the fates and not really sure what lies in store for himseld as he rides down the city streets on a very cold saturday night. Makes you wonder what was going on in the minds of the other motorists as the passed Poo Bear’s last ride.

This is sort of like life. As the chapter closes on one phase so begins the chapter on another phase. Not that one is better than another but each has its own rewards and hopefully lays a foundation for what will follow.  Don’t know but suspect this chapter will be Poo Bear’s finest hour. 

 Happiness comes in many forms and many faces and for sure this is one of them. Kinda makes the ride worthwhile. There are no signs of the drama and trauma that preceeded this moment. The story line is heartbreaking but to salvage the lesson and create a space to lay a firm foundation takes uncompomising focus and maintaing a clear direction. These kids are the finest testimony of not only what can be but to the mothers that are taking care of them.

The job is done and deliveries complete. Now is the time to layer up and get back on the road for the ride back. There is a cold front moving in and it is time to layer up and that includes the face. Here is the basic layer that goes under the helmet. Makes a swig of coffer every now and then impossible at highway speeds. However at the halfway point there is a hamburger and coffee to take the edge off of the cold.

Without a doubt, these are serious cold weather gloves. Again layers are at work. Underneath this outer layer of glove is a glove liner and one really cold days as I expect in the planned run to New York state this February as well as the run to Deadhorse, Alaska next June, I will add a little packet of a heat tab. If it should get colder than 40 degrees or rain, inside each cuff is a gortex cover that fits over and remains attached to the glove. The straight edge on the side of left hand is actually a squeegee to clear the rain and snow off of the helmet face shield.

This is I-10 on Thanksgiving Sunday late in the afternoon. Don’t know that I did not leave more boot rubber on the ground than tire rubber. All kinds of crazy drivers doing all kinds of crazy things and there is no space on the highway to support such craziness. At one point, the traffic was moving at 80 mph and I saw about 4 puffs of smoke coming out of the tires of  maybe 4 cars from the point where the tires touch the road. That is a bad sign as the cars were too close to see the brake lights. In what seemed like slow motion, I headed for the broken white lines and by the time everything stopped, I found myself dead even and centered with the two cars that were in front of me. Don’t know that I will ever ride in holiday traffic like this again.

Having said all that, know full well and up front that given the opportunity to do a like trip again, this I would do again and again till all the water had passed under my bridge.

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  1. Glad you got a chance to drop off those gifts and see your good friends up in Panama City. Maybe consider riding in the morning of Thanksgiving and on Saturday to avoid the traffic? Holiday traffic is scary. I saw three accidents in a three hour trip on Sunday.

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