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On the road again, only to the Florida Panhandle

No motorcycle much less the Dragon Princess was ever designed to haul like this one was loaded today. However, the Dragon Princess was on a mission and once given a mission she only waited for the key to turn in … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving at the Gateless Gate

Angie and Becky are the duty cooks this Thanksgiving and the cooking started at about 0830. Everything except the turkey was cooked from scratched. No doubt some of y’all will recognize both cooks. They do cook with lots of heart. … Continue reading

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The Cost of Dropping Out

Going to college can be one of the biggest financial minefields in the country today. The allure of easy funding that makes it a reality is as big an attraction as a brick of cocaine to an addict. This article … Continue reading

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A Vaccine to Curb Addicts’ Highs

Using the immune system to fight addictions. This sounds like a fascinating proposition on the surface. However, to date there has been no comprehensive testing and the side effects are open for discussion. On another level, think in terms of … Continue reading

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Decisions Open Door to Appeals of Plea Bargains

There was an expression I saw in some paper or another and the more it rolls over in my mind is the greater the impact because in its simplicity is the scope and elegance: “The guardians of the hen house … Continue reading

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‘…Since it’s founding in 2006, CJE has filled a critical void, shining a light on a vital branch of government that wields tremendous power over the lives of average people. CJE has empowered citizen leadership, inspired government action, and become … Continue reading

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Privatizing Florida prison health care to cost 2,000 state workers their jobs

 This is an issue that is finding resolution in the courts and there is no way to tell out it is going to play out. However, one way or another it will most likely be settled in the next 30 … Continue reading

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