Lessons to be learned from Wilson case

A local lawyer wrote an editorial about the Rilya Wilson case that appeared in quite a few papers throughout the state. The fate of Rilya Wilson is for the most part unknown but ten years later the foster parent is being charged with murder.

Whereas it is a sad and tragic case, it does high light a couple of points that reflect a reality in Florida. The politics of the state have nothing to do with the care and wellbeing of the citizens. They are more reminiscent of the days when Florida was admitted to the Union as a slave state.

Rilya had not been visited by a social worker though a ward of the state in foster care for over a year. The case has been open for a decade and there has been no resolution. At the time Rilya went missing there were close to 500 children that had been lost to the system if my memory serves me correct.

Not one person in what was DCF was held accountable in a court of law and not one politician who was on the subcommittee that was supposed to exercise supervision of DCF was held accountable. It was business as usual.

It has only been by chance that we have not had a disaster like California did with Jim Jones. The kids he took to South America and murdered were wards of the state of California and he was collecting welfare checks for them from the state. What is worse is that he was cashing those checks in the American Embassy and they were up in the millions when figured out on a yearly basis. The Amberican Embassy notified the state of California and the state chose to do nothing about it. How do I know this for a fact, I worked with the State Department official who notified the state of California by official correspondence.

Lessons to be learned from Wilson case

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