USF researchers find 19 more graves at Dozier School for Boys

I guess it was about a year ago that I did an entry on the Dozier School for Boys and what I consider a culture of violence in the state of Florida. It is a culture of violence that has political overtones and according to the Department of Justice exists in the the other juvenal facilities in the states.One Hundred and Eight Years of Child Abuse More can be found by doing a search of ‘Dozier’ in the search box.

This is a school that was investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and given a clean bill of health. This was a facility that was less than an hour away from the state capital.

Well out of a most unsuspecting source comes a blockbuster report of violence and murder that lasted up to the day the school was closed and in fact it was the reason the school was closed by federal authorities instead of state. However, out of this investigation of murder not one person has been made to answer. In the state, it is business as usual.

USF researchers find 19 more graves at Dozier School for Boys

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