Video shows girl, 15, battered in Florida juvenile prison

So you think this is something unusual. I will and do argue that it is business as usual. It is business as usual because it is in the politicians best interest to promote/ignore this or it would not be that way. Nothing can happen or not happen without the politicians knowing about. You only need to look at the stories of Rilya Wilson and Martin Anerson which are also stories of abuse that could not have existed without a culture of abuse to support it. It is a culture because the responsible person have not been held accountable. That includes those legislators who had oversight of the agencies at the core of the problem.

Think this is not the case then I challenge anyone to go look up ‘Dozier’ and in particular the story of 108 years of solitude. Then read the links to both the FDLE report exonerating the school and its staff and then read the federal report that not only closed the school but also stated there was every reason to believe it was replicated throughout the state and that they would be investigating all the other juvenal agencies in the state.

Then those that want to further investigate should look-up ‘Jackson’ and get a sense of where the culture comes from that promotes such abuse. Yes, these are old entries but valid nevertheless.

It is no wonder that the governor wants to reduce or terminate the liberal arts in the colleges of the state because it was a school of anthropology that uncovered the additional graves of Dozier and argues there are more such graves. This is the same type of field research used to uncover war crimes in Bosnia.

This kind of abuse/evil can/will continue when good men do nothing.

Video shows girl, 15, battered in Florida juvenile prison

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