Jailed without conviction: Behind bars for lack of money

prison‘…About 10 million people are jailed each year for crimes large and small. Most – two-thirds of the 750,000 in jail on any given day – stay long periods without conviction at great cost to the public and to themselves because they can’t afford bail….’

Evel can only live when good men do nothing and we are doing nothing because if we did something it would not exist. Read it and weep because this is what has happened to a place we called ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

We have been passed a legacy of freedom from the blood and lives of who knows how many and we have now squandered that legacy. The sad part is no one seems to care.

The ones who understand and do care have lost their voice in the poltical arena. Is it any wonder thatQuentin Tarantino Says Drug War, Justice System Are Modern Day Slavery. Seems like not all that long ago I wrote an editiorial in the Gainesville Sun saying so much.

Jailed without conviction: Behind bars for lack of money

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