A ride to nowhere

On any given day, it starts out with 200 to 400 milligrams of IBpropane. However, if I am going to ride then it starts out with 400 milligrams and no questions asked. Doubt there is any better form of relaxation than just getting on the Dragon Princes and let the road roll under my feet.

The Dragon Princess has had a couple of cosmetic upgrades. As you can see by the photo two LED spot lights have been mounted on the underside of the roll bars. Let me tell you, these guys are bright and bright I mean. Then on the inside of the light mounted on the frame is an AIR HORN. People driving on the interstates with windows rolled up, stereos blasting and soda pop in the hands cannot hear a motorcycle horn in part because they are in lala land. However, air horn they can hear.

Click on photo
Click on photo

So, let me tell you an air horn story. I was on an errand across town and pulled up to a stop light when this car pulls up next to me with a ghetto blaster blasting full. There were four cool dudes in it moving like one. Did not like the music much less the volume. So, I hit the horn switch and let it rip. After about 10 seconds, the light turns green and I am ever so glad because it looked as if they were going to move in a direction I would not have liked.

2012-12-23_13-56-15_126On my last trip to Cambridge, I was on the road for almost 12 hours and the rain and cold about ruined by knees. I was cruising the internet looking for a snap link to carry my keys when I came across these military spec knee pads made of neoprene. Took a close look at them and found the answer to my prayers of knee protection on cold days. The padding creates a super insulation and the shell on the outside deflects the wind. The best part is that the neoprene does not scratch the gas tank. All of this for only $23. Does not look cool but tested them today and they work just fine. They will serve me well on the run to New York in February and then Deadhorse, Alaska. Yep, under those dungarees was a pair of long johns with an aluminum lining next to the skin to reflect the heat.

2012-12-23_13-30-44_418No ride is complete without a stop for coffee and a hamburger. As I was coming out of Mike’s Cafe, looked across the field to I-75 and it was a ribbon of cars going nowhere in both directions at 75 plus miles per hour only to make the same trip back in a week or so. Had to think about it and it occurred to me that there had to be something better in life. It is almost as if we are chasing a fantasy that we could never find because it is in our heads. Thought seriously for a New York minute that if there was a bar not too far away that I could do with four fingers of Black Jack.

2012-12-23_14-00-46_196Pulled into a rest stop to adjust the knee pads and looking me in the face was this sign. Had to think about it for another New York minute. My mind flipped back into Jack London’s Call of the Wild and realized that the most versatile animal was the dog. Imagine going from the wild animal it has always been to a lap creature. It seemed as if every car had a dog and without a doubt the owners had more concern for the dogs than each other. However, as I took a second look it became very apparent why.

2012-12-23_13-59-45_368Stretched my legs and for who knows what reason it seemed as if most of the cars I saw today were from Massachuessettes. My best guess is that most of them were driving straight through and they had over 1,000 of who knows how many miles done. They drove like zombies cutting in and out of traffic at what appeared to be 85 plus miles an hour. Highway patrol was out in full force and only saw one waiting in ambush and some 10 or 12 writing tickets.

As I was riding back, it occurred to me that at some point when my work is done, am going to load up my bike and just vanish for a year or two. For the most part have reduced my life to what can be packed on a bike the rest stored in two footlockers. This is truly a big beautiful country and no way to see it better in all its majesty than the back of a bike. To watch the setting and rising of the sun from a camp site and feel the weather is a sense of being alive like nothing I have ever known.

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