Department of Veterans Affairs to track how veterans die

Military burialThere is no wonder that no one in the administration wants to track how veterans die. It is because they don’t want to be keel-hauled for the promises they did not keep. Not only that but for turning their backs on the men and women they sent in harm’s way .

RETURNIt took a newspaper doing research the administration in general and the president in particular should have done to point out there is a problem. The tip of the ice berg is: ‘…Of those with a primary diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, the numbers are even grimmer: 80 percent died of overdose, suicide or a single-vehicle crash. Only two of the 46 Texas veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations who had a PTSD diagnosis died of disease or illness, according to the newspaper’s analysis…’

And in the meantime, the legislature goes home for a white Christmass, the president goes off for a vacation in Hawaii and the men and women sent in harms way go to their graves without a wimper from the American public.

Department of Veterans Affairs to track how veterans die

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