Colleges should shoulder some risk of student loans

College gradsToo many men and women going to college, just go to get in and take whatever courses that lead to whatever degree without any real form of counseling. In fact, it is not in the college’s best interest nor is it in the bank’s best interest. Let them flip flop around and spend five or six years getting a degree and it is in everyone’s best interest but for that of the student.

I suspect that in some form or another this accounts for the run away costs of college tuition. However, let the college own a part of the debt if the student goes unemployed and you will see a student be required to take aptitude tests as well as the college being more focused on the course load as it applies to a degree.

The banks childwill laugh and the college will scream bloody murder but the student will certainly be the beneficiary. Especially so for those coming out of prison with a GED and no real sense of what their aptitudes are. Colleges should shoulder some risk of student loans

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