Old dog and new tricks

There is an expression that you can not teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I guess that on some level I always knew them just that today some came through with greater clarity. The biggest one occurred as i was headed North on I-75 towards Lake City. The cloud cover I was headed into did not look good. Then I glance over to the on coming traffic and the windshield wipers on the oncoming traffic were going fast. No slow but fast.

I must have been in some sort of denial because I passed a couple of exits when I should have pulled over and put on my rain pants. Then the rain drops started falling and there were no exits. As they got progressively harder a exit appeared Pulled off, got into a rain suit, and pulled the gortex liner over my gloves and was ready to go.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat I did not appreciate till I pulled off in Lake City for hamburger and coffee was that the hand wind deflectors were working just great and my gloves were totally dry. Now you can see them on the left side of the handle bars and know that if you click on the photo they are more visible. It also looks very crowded with all the functions the left hand and fingers have to do in heavy gloves. This could be compounded by fingers that are cold and somewhat numb after a couple of hours with temperatures in the 40s while traveling at highway speeds plus 10 or so.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell stopped for a hamburger at Lake City and felt so cocky about having beat the cold weather problem with my fingers that I decided to go on up to Georgia and turn around just to test out the gloves for an extended period of time. After an hour or so, my fingers started getting cold and about that time, ran into a full rain. Also, about this time I noticed my fingers were starting to sweat. A a pair of glove liners in my bags and broke them out. Almost immediately my fingers warmed up again. On the left photo you can see what is essentially three layers of gloves for the fingers. Going to get three more glove liners for the run to New York state in February so that I will be able to change them out at most gas stops and keep my fingers warm and dry. At night, they can be dried out and ready for the next day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhere as the temperature was about 54 degrees, the rain made it seem a lot worse. At one point my glasses and face mask fogged up so badly that I had to take off my glasses, raise the face mask and hunker down behind the windscreen to see what was happening. Do I hate those drivers who think that just because it is day time that they don’t need lights on in the rain. A gray or white car or truck without lights can appear out of no where and on a motorcycle it is very possible to crash into the back without time to brake. Was so thankful I had a set of LED search lights mounted on the crash bars because that gave me added  visibility that I would not have had otherwise. Also was glad I had the air horn on the frame because I had occasion to use it more than once.

The real lesson was that when you see drivers approaching with windshield wipers operating at high speed and you get that sick feeling in your stomach then pull over to get a cup of coffee and wait for it to pass.

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