Vets face confusion using GI Bill at state schools

childThis is not only a problem for those leaving the service with an honorable discharge but more so for those coming out of prison.

Often I hear women about to come out of prison say I am going to such state to live with an aunt while I go to college. Then I hear that when they get to the aunts house that the cost of college even with loans is out of sight and they did not go to college.

Then there are those that go on a two or three year drug binge as a teenager and end up in prison. They have no proof that they were ever a resident of the state because they have never paid a utility bill, had a rental contract or any of the other 10,000 documents needed to prove residence.

Vets that have an honorable discharge and end up in prison often face the worst of all worlds because they have no real residence that they can claim. Especially if they want to get into school as soon as possible from prison. In theory, the VA has an outreach program to help them but the outreach program is only as good as the vets ability to make his presence known to the VA. Vets face confusion using GI Bill at state schools

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