On the road at zero dark thirty

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt zero dark thirty the Dragon Princess was loaded with software and computer equipment for the 4 computer learning centers at the woman’s prison in Lowell, Fla. Now, the Dragon Princess is not interested in the story line.  She shoulders any load given and only waits for the key to turn in the ignition and then it is giddy up and go.  Her only direction is when the wheels are turning comes from the handle bars and the she goes were sent.

on a runShe not only has a mission but the courage of her convictions. Her life is simple and direct. Do the best job she can and let go of the outcome. Will never forget the day in the not too distant past when she was on a run to Panama City to deliver Christmas. We pulled into the Capital City Harley Davidson dealership and all the bikes for sail were lined up dress right dress and regulated to the sidelines of life without direction or mission. It was as if they were saluting her because she is closing in on 80,000 miles and still has life, mission and was running the highways and byways of the nation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKnow that when you see the Dragon Princess headed your way with the bright LED lights on the crash bars that she is on a mission. That mission is to help those women and children that have yet to get to the starting blocks of life to get there. You need to step aside and render honors because she beats to her own drum.

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