Political Corruption at its best in black and white

Money 1What do the likes of Wal-Mart, Lockheed, Citi and Duke Energy? They all have major actions pending that will require federal intervention. Obama has rolled over all the unspent campaign money into a 501(c)4 is soliciting financing from major corporations that do not require any disclosure. As money pours into his coffers, you can bet the transparency he now promises will vanish and donations will result in favorable actions for the donors.

oBAMANot all that long ago Obama promised the most visible government in history to include a three day window on legislation prior to it being signed into law. Well, we have had major legislation that will result in profound social changes signed into law with less than a 3 minute window from the printed word to vote.

Corporate Cash Financing Obama 501c4

And then there is the Obama administration financing corporate cash: Government audit criticizes exec pay at GM, Ally, AIG after bailouts

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