Just what is all of this about?

This is coldI am sitting at a Days Inn and got to say; I can not ever remember having been this cold. Missed my mark of getting to Virginia by 11 miles but did make some 591miles today. If there was a single thought that permeated the ride, it was just what is this whole mess about called life.

Complicating the entire mess was that a short developed in the GPS wiring and it went out about Jacksonville. Will work on it tomorrow morning but will not spend a lot of time because there remains some 637 miles.

However, life gets better: when I checked into the motel, the clerk mentioned that there was another snowfall scheduled for Thursday. Not sure how to deal with it and as such will not deal with it till I get to Cambridge.  And now back to the start of the day.

startThe game plan was to be on the road early and lost about 30 minutes. Would have had a hard time meeting it if Chris had not been there to help. The Dragon Princess was ready from the get go. Must have loaded close to 200 pounds and the Princes did not budge. As I am looking at the photo, it seems like a photo out of Star Wars. Was expecting a Jedi Knight to step out of the shadows and lighten my load.

no where manHeaded North out of 13th street in Gainesville and the on coming lights triggered a thought that haunted me the entire ride today. There was a song of days gone by ‘nowhere man.’ It was an unending stream of light headed my way and to what end. Only to go home at the end of the day. From there came the question: just what is this life all about. I am looking through the eyes of the last three months sitting up the Computer Learning Centers in the dorms of the women’s prison in Lowell CI.

rainMother nature saved me from too much introspection. It seems as if rain was the order of the day in the vicinity of the Georgia/South Carolina boarder. Spent a lot of time staying totally focused on the road and cars and trucks coming out of the mist/rain. So glad there was a set of LED lights on the crash bars and an air horn on the frame.


At first I welcomed the clear sky but it did not take much to realize that it only meant a few degrees drop in temperature for every 100 or so miles. It was not till I was pa ssing through Wilson, N.C. that I realized I had not eaten anything since breakfast. There is a lot to say but the President is coming on television for the State of the Union and I am headed for the shower and then to bed. Don’t need to hear in any more Doublespeak or its precedent malarkey. 

childThere are some 2 million men, women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation. The two largest commonalities are an average of 6th grade education and over half of them have addiction issues. No where have I seen any efforts to either remedy the underlying issues or address the symptoms of the ravages from the past. As sad as it may be is even sadder the children that will be born to a destiny of prison. Not because they are born bad but because of the circumstances they are born into. I guess there just are no advocacy groups to support them.

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2 Responses to Just what is all of this about?

  1. steve says:

    John Kabot Zinn is credited with saying: “no matter where you go, there you are”.
    seems to apply to this journey of yours.
    YOU said: ” If there was a single thought that permeated the ride, it was just what is this whole mess about called life.”
    Einstein said something like: “you can’t use the same kind of “thinking” that got us into this situation to get ourselves out of it”!
    Seems to apply here also?

    with metta

  2. Thanks for the great article..

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