Another lie in the world of legal drugs

medicationLast fall, I was in Cambridge for a Dharma talk when the story broke on specialty pharmacies. The Boston Globe was very clear that the problem with falsified paperwork, unsanitary conditions, etc that had existed for years and was reported but nothing was done about it.

I made an entry on this blog to that effect. To this day, I will argue that the only reason this was allowed to persist was that all of this is a part of big pharma and they are a big but big player in the cycle of campaign donations at the state and federal level.

Now as a result of a new round of investigations, it becomes apparent that there is a big and very serious problem, everyone is treating it as a new found issue. No one is going back into old records of ‘newly discovered’ problems to see for how long this has been going on.

Money 1FDA means Food and Drug Administration and not just selected food and drugs but all food and drugs. When drugs enter the national pipeline then it is the business of the FDA to exercise its responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of such items. Can not help but think that those in the business were not aware of the situation and exploited it.

This subject will be the talking of talking heads for a week or so and then be swept under the rug with no major damage to those responsible as was the bank crises.

So what is so important about these specialty pharmacies that manufacture relatively small size dosages of prescriptions yet earn millions and millions of dollars? It relives the big pharmaceuticals of the responsibility to do some of the work and take responsibility for being concerned with filling demands on pharmaceutical productions that don’t reap billions and billions of dollars.

FDA inspects specialty compounding pharmacies in targeted action

PS:  On the surface this may seem like a business decision as J&J claims but the reality is that they are already in trouble because of quality control issues and they did not want to submit existing products to the scrutiny of the FDA. They were willing to let them be in the public domain but not willing to if they had to go through the FDA approval process.

J&J recalls, stops selling 3 versions of K-Y Jelly

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