Mass killings are often a family affair

chairOn the road love to read a papers while drinking coffee but the opening lines of this story got me and left me thinking for the rest of the ride. ‘More than 900 people died in mass shootings during the past seven years, and a majority of them were killed by people they knew, according to a USA TODAY analysis of gun-related slayings….’ Now this is bad enough but it gets worse. ‘…The 934 deaths account for less than 1% of all gun-related homicides, and 40% involve a suspect slaying a family member, the examination shows…’ You can argue this is a gun issue and to some degree it may be but at the core is a far deeper issue and that is what is it that could prompt a person to wipe out four or more of their family?

The biological forces that drive us are indeed powerful and I see no national dialogue by any responsible leaders or agencies that speak to the issue much less are willing to open a national dialogue on such issues. I see no national or even state level campaigns to address mental illness or the trends, themes and patterns associated with such issues and problems. What I do see is a lot of people scared to face the issues and instead run for an easy target instead of doing the hard work. Mass killings are often a family affair

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