Vet who saved many in Iraq couldn’t escape demons

RETURNPut anyone on the edge of a cliff for a long time and eventually they will go over be it combat or prison. Sending men and women to prison or combat for extended periods without support and callous disregard for their well being for their humanity is in it self a crime against humanity of the worst kind.

This becomes a particularly inhuman when those elected by the people use the power of their public office to further their own agenda and not the welfare of those who elected them under the terms of a common contract called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

military prisonsThere is nothing in this contract about export democracy and foreign entanglements. As a matter of fact, George Washington on his departure from office as the first president warned the nation on foreign entanglements. A warning that was updated by president Eisenhower who warned of the dangers from the military industrial community.

In many aspects the following link not only highlights the consequences of violating these two precepts but demonstrates the impact on the humanity that gets caught up in their slipstream.

prisonVet who saved many in Iraq couldn’t escape demons.

I invite you to look follow the below links into the YouTube land to see the two film clips by Generals on their thoughts of war and the military industrial complex and then take a look at the film clips  and tell me we have not elected an elite be they democrats or republicans that have become self serving entities dedicated to their own well being.

The House I Live In

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