No More Drones for CIA

dronesAfter sitting with this article for a day or two, my conclusion is that drone killing away from the traditional battlefield is murder plain and simple. Especially when we are on battle fields that have nothing to do with the survival of democracy in the USA. What is more distasteful is that the president himself has signed of on these killing missions and no one has held him accountable. Worst of all is that the press has rolled over to become ‘the hand maiden’ to the president.

Viet CongYou can argue the this and that of the debate but I can not see the difference between ‘drone kills’ removed from the battlefield and the Phoenix Program (CIA Version) and Phoenix Program (Wikipedia version) and The Phoenix Program Was a Disaster in Vietnam and Would Be in Afghanistan–And the NYT Should Know that.

So what is the difference between putting a bullet in the brain of a Viet Cong soldier caught on the battlefield and killing a 16 year old American boy in some third world nation that is collateral damage from a drone strike. I am sure that the administration would say it was a regrettable but unavoidable incident.

Viet Cong 1I have known more than one Special Forces soldier that has participated in such operations and as I look back on it in hindsight, it was pure murder. This has all the ear marks of the war in Algiers fought by the French Paras and the French Foreign Legion. Not to mention drone strikes. When the basis of war is immoral then the aggressor force is more often than not condemned to using immoral means to fight it.

When the president himself signs of on drone strikes off of the traditional battlefield then the immorality reaches into the White House and corrupts the very constitution which not only binds us as a nation but sets us apart from the tyrannies that a democracy is expected to rise above. No More Drones for CIA

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