The emergence and growth of private protection agencies

miamiWhen government not only creates an atmosphere of chaos then reduces those elements of their responsibility for security the citizens will take their own safety into their own hands. This they are so doing across the nation in one form or another.

I spent over five years as a special forces officer in Central America and Colombia in the 70s and 80s and so found this to be the truth. I have gone into malls where there were armed guards collecting weapons from the public who wanted to shop. Even I carried a side arm with a license from the highest authority for two years and had a body guard to cover my back. I was so happy to visit the states and know this kind of chaos was unimaginable but it is here and the lead link from the Christian Science Monitor makes it so clear that it is not a part of my imagination.

concealed weaponConcealed weapons permits are also a good indicator of public trust in the state’s ability to protect them from violence. If you look at my state which is Florida you will find that it has about20 million citizens of which nearly 985,143 have concealed weapons permits. The total population counts includes children and then there are over a million ex-felons who are also denied the authority to carry concealed weapons. In rough numbers we are talking of maybe one out of ten citizens with pistol permits. Then again Florida even defines the  JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE  to compliment the outrageous number of concealed weapons permits.   The surprising outcome of this is that criminals have used this law as a successful defense in court.  Twist the statistics any way you want but no way does it indicate the average citizen has any faith in the government to protect them.

From the Christian Science Monitor: As cities lay off police, frustrated neighborhoods turn to private cops
From Houston: Houston neighborhood turns to private security firm for protection
Chicago Proposal Would Allow Private Sponsorship of Police
From the home of the Black Panthers

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