A run to Andersonville

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHad to make the run to Andersonville today as a booby prize as last week found out I have four tears in the right knee and will not be in much of a condition to make the run in June or July and I am told to do it in August is not such a hot idea. So, it was up and out at the crack of dawn for 443 mile road trip. By the way, the Dragon Prices (AKA Snow Queen) is less than 1,000 miles from cresting 90,000 miles. She is an old war horse with more than one fight left in her.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHad to drop some water and did so at a highway rest stop. Had this vision of cows lining up to get their dose of sugar, chocolate and soda pop. I must of watched maybe 40 amber up to the fat pill machines and drop their coins like Pavlov’s dogs. Makes me wonder if we have not turned into a nation of junk food junkies whose sole purpose is to support the junk food industry and by extension big Pharma and health industry when the consequences of junk food come due.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACommercial Agriculture.  I have seen a lot of these buses as I toured the country and talk of moving labor to the work site in a cheap way: this is it. It has to be Latino labor and every other labor group has an advocacy group that would raise all kinds of safety issue. I guess this is life after they become unsafe for school children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese truly are monsters. I have seen them all over the country and I swear there was one of them a quarter of a mile long in one field. They have to spew out water at the rate of thousands of gallons a minute as the role across the fields. Can’t imagine the underground aquifers across the nation being able to sustain that sucking sound for any period of time and yet this has been going on for 40 or so years. I have this vision of the earth heaving a sigh of relief, giving up and the earth’s crust dropping a couple of hundred feet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA huge chunk of the ride was down two lane country roads where the speed limit is 55 or 60 mph.  The ride may be beautiful but to my mind very but very deadly. As I read the papers, most motorcycle fatalities are on these roads where people role out of driveways or side roads and simply don’t look both ways or roll out to the roadbed and stop. I tend to ride as close as I can to the center line and hope I have enough space and time for defensive maneuvers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndersonville. This the old rail line that brought Union soldiers into Andersonville prison camp. In the 14 months that Andersonville served as a prison camp some 12,914 men died thee. Don’t know that it was any better for the guard force as some 200 of them died in the dame period. The numbers and wall murals in the visitor centers were full of enough statistics to make your eye glaze over. However, what did leave a searing impression on  my mind were some of the photos of hose that were prisoners at the time of their release.

andersonvilleNo sooner than I saw this than my mind went back to the photos and movies that I had seen of the Jews that were found in the Nazi death camps.  All of a sudden incredible parallels jumped out. All these camps were on the edge of railroads which made it easier to ship humans like cattle to the prisons. The guards were those that had never seen a hostile shot fired. In the case of the German’s it was the SS and Andersonville it was reserves made up of boys too young to fight or those too old to fight. In both cases, all of the surrounding communities and those up and down the chains knew of the conditions there. yep, and the beat goes on. I guess the bottom line is man’s capacity to be so evil.

This is a photo take of Andersonville prison camp at its worst and blow is a photo of the pristine field today where there is no sight, sound or sense of the human tragedy that occurred on these grounds.


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2 Responses to A run to Andersonville

  1. skblmt@gmail.com says:


  2. Doctor Fun says:

    I too am appalled at how routine it is for many to consume from those “fat pill machines”, instead of looking for a more wholesome solution.

    As for the caving in of the Earth’s crust, I wouldn’t be surprised. If you think about the immense amounts of oil we have taken from underground to burn into our atmosphere, it’s no wonder there are so many odd natural disasters. I can only imagine it’s the planet’s attempt to regain balance & harmony among it’s inhabitants.

    I never had heard the story of Andersonville’s Prison camp before, although a dark moment in history – thanks for sharing.

    Great post & pictures, I hope you are able to find a solution to your knee tears 🙂

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