Fla. lawmakers look at speeding up death penalty

UntitledThis is typical ‘slock’ that passes for logic in Florida politics. The problem with justice in Florida as is at the federal level and every other state in the union is that prosecutors and police have developed the art of intimidation to such a level that they are able to send over 90 percent of the men, women and children they confront to prison that they loose those skills needed to win cases in court or do proper police work.

If that was not the case then Sam McDowell would not have jumped slick on so many murders that went from Florida to California. We have a criminal justice systems that rewards those who can afford an attorney.

Think not then ask yourself why the average education level of some 2 million plus men, women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation have an average education level of the 6th grade. A reasonably competent lawyer can see the incompetence of the criminal justice system. The law does not offer a plea bargain if they have a good case.
Fla. lawmakers look at speeding up death penalty
Suspected serial killer’s path ran through Gainesville

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