Families give DNA samples to try to identify remains buried on grounds of now-closed reform school

childA couple of years ago this school for boys located some 60 miles from the seat of Florida government in Tallahassee was closed by the Department of Justice for human rights violations with a promise of more investigations in the state because all indications were that it was an endemic problem. This followed an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stating there was nor have been any problems with the school as far as abuses went.

Handcuffed at lynching

Handcuffed at lynching

The question raised is just how could this go on in a country that prides itself as the home of the brave and free. I made a trip to the county that housed this school when it was closed and their only lament was the jobs lost. There has not been one question raised as to who was doing all the beatings and killings as was the case in the death camps of world war II. There was not one question raised as to who were the state investigators that gave the school a clean bill of health.  I guess in Florida it is ok to beat kids as long as you don’t get caught by the feds.

All the papers refer to the school closing a couple of years ago but no where do they say why and by whom. I have seen it written the school was closed as a cost saving measure. So much for the credibility of the press in such matters.

I will argue that the same people that brought lynching’s in the South are the same that ran and supported the Dozier School of Boys for the state of Florida. You should not that the man being lynched has his hands in a set of hand cuffs.

For lots of more background, you only need to a word search for Dozier on this blog.


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