Restoration of civil liberties

This one of the better stories I have seen concerning restoration of voter rights and especially so for those with non-violent felonies. However, lets be honest. Most states restore civil rights after a person has served their time. A few states like Maine even allow felons to vote from their prison cells.

Now, Florida has over 1 million of these men and women that can not vote. Think in terms of a voting bloc that would set out to reform the criminal justice system if they were given their civil rights. Especially in a state that has such close elections in national politics. It might even restore a sense of integrity to the politics of Florida.

However, there is another level we have to look at. A lot of capable men and women are kept out of higher reaches of society because like the old Jim Crow laws, it reduces the competition.

I once heard the State Attorney of Florida argue that felons needed to earn their civil liberties. I wondered what she had done to earn hers other than be born into them in a free nation. I don’t know that she even served in the military or guard to defend them. To the best of my knowledge she has done nothing more than live off of the fruits of those that had died in wars so that she could enjoy them without ever having paid the price to keep or exercise them.

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