Scott signs bill speeding up capital punishment

courtroomCan not get over the title of this bill: The ‘Timely Justice Act of 2013′.

There are a ton of cases why this should not be signed but the one case in point that comes to view is that of Penalver “he hired a private investigator and found new evidence, which he said prosecutors had hid from him, that pointed to other suspects. He was freed in December 2012, after “crying like a baby’ and dropping to his knees in prayer in the courtroom as jurors exonerated him on three first degree murder convictions, armed robbery and armed burglary.’

At first blush many would say this only proves the systems works but I would say the system is broken because he should never have been convicted. A reinforcing case in point is the evidence locker at the Alachua county sheriff’s office. It has been proven that evidence was hidden from defense attorney’s, dated at the request of investigators and the state’s attorney office. The was no cry or investigation raised. Now tell me this is not a system in the state of Florida that is broken.

In total, over 24 men have been exonerated from Florida’s death row since 1973.

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