Is this a nightmare come true

courtroomIt was almost 40 years ago that I was in Colombia as a Special Forces lieutenant. I was traveling around the country side on a bus with a colonel from the Colombian army. I asked him why the army could not wipe out the drug cartels. He said that the army was very capable to do it but it would most likely be a rather long fight.

He went on to say, the army generals went to the president and said that they could do the job but there were two preconditions. The first would be that the cleansing job would have to start with the political infrastructure. He said the president was informed that the presidents majority would vanish in the legislature as most of his party was dependent on the drug loads money.

organized crimeAt that point, the president said no to a war against the drug cartels. I asked what was so important about cleaning the political house. He said army pay was low and if the war against the drug lords was to be successful, it would have to be hard hitting and devoid of politics or else the army would be corrupted by the huge amounts of money the politicians/cartels would throw at them. Then Colombia would be left without any defense.

oBAMASo, these are the headlines I say today on the internet and in the order I saw them. Now, very seriously follow the links in the order I list them and ask yourself if not has the problem facing Colombia 40 some years ago not infected our political process?–Senate-immigration-bill-would-pass-House


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  1. STEVE COLLINS says:

    KC, You surprise me. yes, the delivery of governmental human services, regardless which agency is named, is dysfunctional. For many who watch… this is self-evident. (congress, law enforcement, courts, corrections, etc.) All the main hindrances are at work here, and unconsciousness rules. Oh… and that’s how it is… Now,… if you want to change the world, crusade for justice and the American way or such symbolic references to thoughts and beliefs, you will do it at the expense of peaceful abiding and waking up. It is a choice isn’t it. Every action is self-perpetuating, every thought is self-perpetuating. Once you cooperate with it, you are giving energy to it. Sooner or later it will become habitual. You will do it and you will not be the doer. Out of force of habit… your focus is on autopilot. If that works for ya, … keep doing it. 9 bows. steve Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 02:08:28 +0000 To:

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