Survivor’s Guilt

Never have I seen a story that so clearly demonstratprisoned the full impact of survivor guilt. Most think of it in terms of war and that is only the tip of the ice berg. There are auto wrecks, house fires, and etc. Then again, many coming out of prison share the same experiences but there is an added twist. I am now free and they are not when considering those friends and companions still doing time.

The common  thread is thwoman in prisonat coming home is not always the best of all worlds. In part, because no one understands and everyone expects you to just get a life. All too often women have the remnants (kids) of what remains of their family dumped on them within a house of non-functional family members that all too often contributed to their prison stays. These family members expect/manipulate them (the women coming out of prison) to make up for what they have done while they were on vacation in prison.

The fire fighter put it most clearly: “Coming home, that was the worst feeling ever,” McDonough told ABC News in an interview aired Wednesday. “Knowing that these families would see me, but not anyone else off that crew. No one. I was the only person they’re going to see.” The story line may change but the dynamics remain the same.

Hotshot survivor ‘numb’ after hearing of deaths

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