For Women, a Second Sentence

woman in prisonThis tells a bigger story than the title presents. Yes, the title is correct but it does not just apply to women.

About 1995 or so I was doing prison programs in Mass. The courts ordered the state to reduce the prison over crowding almost immediately. Rather than build new prison they rented space in an empty contract prison. The contract said the state could only ship minimum security prisoners with not rule infractions. They woke them up one night without notice, loaded them on a plane and sent them to Texas. What happened is that inmates that were non-violent and obeying the rules got punished for being non-violent and obeying rules. Adding insult to injury was the fact that the support groups and family were also punished as well as the kids that were trying to not only support the inmate but also reconstruct families.

free after 20 yearsNow, turn the clock back to Prohibition. One of the single biggest reasons Prohibition was repealed was that it was corrupting the criminal justice community as well as filling federal prisons to the bursting point. This is not unlike the problems today with prisons and the war on drugs.

So, you have to ask yourself why are they turning a woman’s prison into a man’s prison if the prison population is going down. Like Florida, it could be that the feds have closed down too many prisons and now they are experiencing a surge of inmates. Makes ya wonder.

For Women, a Second Sentence

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