Inside El Salvador’s secretive prison pits where notorious gangs are crammed together like livestock in cells the size of a shed

ES 2The fuel and has ignited the current round of violence is the voracious appetite of the giant to the North for illegal drugs. Yes, there are a ton of cultural, economic, political and religious factors that have laid the ground work but in the end the fuel is the appetite of the giant to the north for illegal drugs and these are men and women that will do whatever it takes to feed the frenzy.

ES 1Look closely at these faces because they are also in every state of the nation and they are two tightly organized cartels if you will whose tentacles reach into every state of the nation. When the politicians grant citizenship to every illegal resident, these too will be a part of that citizenship milieu. We are not talking of one or two but thousands and they are violent.

ES 3They will set up the same barrios as you will read about in the article. In fact they have already done so and not just in California. Last week when I was camping in the Smokies, a retired special forces sergeant was a couple of sights away. He was from Columbia, SC and we got to talking about the this and that of our past experiences. I mentioned the movement of the Barrio 18 and MS 13 to California and he said they are all over the country and have set up barrios in Columbia.

Look closely at these photos because they are the monsters we created and soon we will see them on our streets if not all ready. They will be the new neighborhood drug dealers your sons and daughters will become intimate with.

Between the 70s and 80s, I spent two and a half years in El Salvador and there is not part I have not been. Here is a country that is plagued by it’s history and the big giant to the north. We the US Army Special Forces trained the parents of many of those you see in the art of killing. The other side was trained in Cuba, Vietnam and Nicaragua.

Inside El Salvador’s secretive prison pits where notorious gangs are crammed  together like livestock in cells the size of a shed

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