In China, the Dangers of Due Diligence

As our nation moves toward a world of government secrecy, we only have to look to China to see the outcome. “….The companies sell services that are considered essential to doing business in China, including background checks, financial audits, fraud investigations and trademark protection. In most of the world, such work is fairly mundane. But in China, where public records are limited and corruption is rampant, it can be tricky and dangerous…..’

 In China, the Dangers of Due Diligence

and from the Wall Street Journal: “We only know that Ying and Peter did investigative work on corruption within foreign companies,” the statement said. “As corruption is high on the schedule of China’s government, the incarceration of Ying and Peter seems to be
contradictory to China’s policy in itself.”

China Arrests Investigators Peter Humphrey, Yu Yingzeng

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