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ACT: Third of high school grads not college ready

There are 10,000 ways to put spin on this but the bottom line is teachers are not teaching and parents are not parenting. ‘…The ACT  reported that 31 percent of all high school graduates tested were not   ready for any … Continue reading

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South Florida scores corruption trifecta in August

In  Florida, this is called politics as usual. ‘… As a rule, elected officials find prison time to be a highly unpleasant experience, and not great for the resume. Given the number of South Florida politicians that have been locked … Continue reading

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Disclosure divide

I guess you could call the disclosure divide an agenda divide. Law enforcement has one agenda and will put its own spin on it while freedom of information has no agenda other than disclosure of public records.   Disclosure divide

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Big Bird, Cookie Monster visits Lowell prison

  ‘….No, the “Sesame Street” characters weren’t serving time. They were helping inmates who have young children back home. The Florida Department of Corrections’s Region II sponsored a Sesame Street Workshop, “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” during family visitation time … Continue reading

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Inside El Salvador’s secretive prison pits where notorious gangs are crammed together like livestock in cells the size of a shed

The fuel and has ignited the current round of violence is the voracious appetite of the giant to the North for illegal drugs. Yes, there are a ton of cultural, economic, political and religious factors that have laid the ground work … Continue reading

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