Indicted Couple Want Assets Freed to Pay Lawyers

Money 1I will wager that every police force in the country will be filing friends of the court briefs as to why this should not civil forfeitures should be allowed without a hearing. Can you just imagine how many restitution’s would have to be made from the smallest municipality to federal level.

Then think in terms of how many cases could be over turned because people were denied effective counsel when they could have had one with their own money.

courtroomThis is big business: ‘…The issue is taking on increasing importance at a time when the Justice Department is seizing more property than ever. More than $4.2 billion was deposited in the Justice Department’s asset forfeiture fund in the government spending year that ended September 30, 2012…’

Someone please tell me that fighting crime is not a money making enterprise.

Indicted Couple Want Assets Freed to Pay Lawyers

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