Editorial: Human trafficking thrives in Florida

childThere are three points coming out of this that stagger the mind or my mind at least.

1.  ‘…The subject was Florida’s status as the American state with the third-highest number of child prostitutes. Unfortunately, many of those girls remain trapped in prostitution — for many reasons, including fear of physical harm or death — when they are young women…’

2.  ‘…Experts say more than 100,000 children nationwide are forced into prostitution each year, and up to 300,000 annually are at risk of being trafficked for sex….’

3.  ‘…The average age of a child being forced into prostitution is 13, according to one widely recognized study. Most of those children are sexually abused, often by a family member, before being prostituted…’

and the response by the legislature for the state of Florida is: ‘….But, as is often the case in Florida, the Legislature didn’t provide funding for the safe havens — relying on fines paid by those convicted of prostitution-related crimes. So far, the fines have only generated $10,000….’

To bad we can not send the governor and legislators into a house of prostitution to do a year long sentence as prostitutes. I can think of maybe 100,000 or so inmates that would like to have a shot at them.

Editorial: Human trafficking thrives in Florida

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1 Response to Editorial: Human trafficking thrives in Florida

  1. Sandi says:

    It just amazes me….it was Lyn Rosenthal the President’s Ad visor for The Violence Against Women Act that Vice President Joe Biden authored, who was promoted to Washington DC for her successful efforts in Florida for Battered Women and including Battered Women Survivors in Prison…..with a speedy release program in place….So, what happened? Women are Political Footballs with each Administration and at the mercy of Politicians that re-legislate good laws away.
    One of the constants that keeps the cycle going for abducted women is the lack of education for job opportunities as sex slaves if they survive beatings and maiming and their own deaths….and again during incarceration. So, KC comes along and solves the problem with his free program and not on the expense of the tax payers…..and the program is scratched. In California our Women in Prison have filed numerous lawsuits and won to improve prison conditions,especially, medical, educational, custody battles, and vocational training, as they continue to legislate for their freedom. In California this has increased the tax burden for their education and to pay the lawsuits when won by woman inmates.
    Doesn’t it just make common sense to allow a free program through to stop the revolving door? I know each year the reality that comes clear is that women are still de-valued and the old English laws and cultural conditioning under patriarchal rule for thousands of years is at play.
    A study done by the Department of Justice recently brought to light that women cannot win in the courtroom….therefore severe sentencing and conditions are going to prevail in America.

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