America’s poor education achievement is a policy choice

Adults and TVI think this says it all :  ‘…In a new report, American adults are ranked as poorly against their counterparts abroad as our schoolchildren were a little while back…’

After all, if we can live the good life without working or education then why should we require it of our kids. Yes, there is more but this is the bottom line.

The best part spells the end of a democratic society:

Jonathan Jacobs assessed what this may mean for American civic society in a September essay in The Wall Street Journal.

“The decline in education means a decline in the ability of individuals — and ultimately the nation as a whole — to address political, social and moral matters in effective, considered ways,” wrote Jacobs, chairman of the philosophy department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

He lamented that, too often, the education system itself, even at the college level, fails to teach students to make distinctions between “theories, beliefs, hypotheses, interpretations and other categories of thought.” Learning how to think is replaced by “ideological score keeping,” and “the use of adjectives replaces the use of arguments.”

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