Sandy-damaged prison to be sold in NYC hotspot

Superstorm Womens Prison3.jpg
I guess it just goes to show that prisons are only about prisons if the land is not good for much else.

‘…The 153 women — serving time for robberies, assaults and lesser crimes — were evacuated a few days before the storm to upstate prisons and never came back. The flooding destroyed boilers and damaged electrical equipment, causing $600,000 in damage. The state’s current budget called for the facility to close by the end of the fiscal year as a cost-saving measure, leaving the building in limbo.

The state has sold other shuttered prisons elsewhere to local governments that have turned them into business parks or to private buyers at auction. The Empire State Development agency is still assessing the best use for Bayview, but its location alone suggests it has more potential than the typical redevelopment stepchild.

Bayview abuts a condominium high-rise designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and topped by a penthouse unit that sold for nearly $20 million. Promotional material for the high-rise touts neighborhood features that are steps away — a slew of gourmet restaurants, the sprawling Chelsea Piers sports facility and the popular Highline elevated park — but makes no mention of the vertical prison that’s in plain view from the upper the floors…’

Prisons in the city give inmates access to not only their families but also a host of volunteers and programs they may not have access to when located in the hinterlands. This is most destructive to the re-establishment of families as well as re-entry programs.

I suppose the big questions are who makes money under the table because in a deal like this there are big bucks and chump change for an under the table deal to a couple of bureaucrats is a big deal.

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