FDA wants restrictions on hydrocodone painkillers

You have to ask yourself just who makes money off of the most extensively prescribed pain killer in the nation. The when you look at the profit margin from this drug as a class III drug and the easy access to it, you will have the reason why it is so available.

Now you see who wants it: ‘… The move comes more than a decade after the Drug Enforcement Administration first asked the FDA to reclassify hydrocodone so that it would be subject to the same restrictions as other addictive painkilling drugs. The FDA did not issue a formal announcement about its decision, which has long been sought by many patient advocates, doctors and state and federal lawmakers…’

and in the same article

“The FDA’s reported decision will likely pose significant hardships for many patients and delay relief for vulnerable patients with legitimate chronic pain, especially those in nursing home and long-term care,” said Kevin Schweers, a spokesman for the National Community Pharmacists Association.’




FDA wants restrictions on hydrocodone painkillers

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