JPMorgan Said to Have Reached $13 Billion U.S. Accord

Money2The hues-pa of the banks and likes of GE that are trying to get tax deductions for the fines they have agreed to pay for illegal activities. Not only that but they are trying to get relief from criminal prosecution which most likely they will because of the campaign donations they have made to both parties and we do have a Wall Street lawyer leading the Department of Justice.

Yes, there will be a stiff front but as time goes by and it fades from the public then this too will go under the carpet.

MoneyJPMorgan Said to Have Reached $13 Billion U.S. Accord

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Editorial: Human trafficking thrives in Florida

childThere are three points coming out of this that stagger the mind or my mind at least.

1.  ‘…The subject was Florida’s status as the American state with the third-highest number of child prostitutes. Unfortunately, many of those girls remain trapped in prostitution — for many reasons, including fear of physical harm or death — when they are young women…’

2.  ‘…Experts say more than 100,000 children nationwide are forced into prostitution each year, and up to 300,000 annually are at risk of being trafficked for sex….’

3.  ‘…The average age of a child being forced into prostitution is 13, according to one widely recognized study. Most of those children are sexually abused, often by a family member, before being prostituted…’

and the response by the legislature for the state of Florida is: ‘….But, as is often the case in Florida, the Legislature didn’t provide funding for the safe havens — relying on fines paid by those convicted of prostitution-related crimes. So far, the fines have only generated $10,000….’

To bad we can not send the governor and legislators into a house of prostitution to do a year long sentence as prostitutes. I can think of maybe 100,000 or so inmates that would like to have a shot at them.

Editorial: Human trafficking thrives in Florida

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Indicted Couple Want Assets Freed to Pay Lawyers

Money 1I will wager that every police force in the country will be filing friends of the court briefs as to why this should not civil forfeitures should be allowed without a hearing. Can you just imagine how many restitution’s would have to be made from the smallest municipality to federal level.

Then think in terms of how many cases could be over turned because people were denied effective counsel when they could have had one with their own money.

courtroomThis is big business: ‘…The issue is taking on increasing importance at a time when the Justice Department is seizing more property than ever. More than $4.2 billion was deposited in the Justice Department’s asset forfeiture fund in the government spending year that ended September 30, 2012…’

Someone please tell me that fighting crime is not a money making enterprise.

Indicted Couple Want Assets Freed to Pay Lawyers

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Gainesville man charged with fraud in connection with loan for black-owned businesses

Money2Bureaucrats get paid for the quotas they attain. Administrators are not as concerned about quality as they are meeting quotas. Don’t know how many stories I have heard or seen about stories like this. The worst thing in the world is not to make minority loans with money available. It is almost unpatriotic. What no one is talking about is what is the pay back percentage on such loans.

However, on the up side is that it is tax payer’s money and so no one is held accountable or responsible. Gainesville man charged with fraud in connection with loan for black-owned businesses

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Blue-collar talent is too scarce locally, execs say

As I was reading this article, there was a great aha moment. I could not understand why American business was lining up on bringing in undocumented workers from Latin America and the rest of the world. It is because not only has American labor priced themselves out of the labor force but they are not willing to do the work on the shop floor level.

I have been on the road a lot in the last couple of years and for the most part when not camping I stay at Day’s Inn. I can not remember staying at one Day’s Inn where it was not run by and Indian (India Indian) couple where the management and workers were not a family business.

Those coming out of prison need to give great consideration to getting a technical two year degree in a technical trade and then hitting the factory floor. It may not be great but being a skilled worker makes you much more employable.

Again, the American labor force has price themselves out of a job and they are not willing to learn the job from the ground up. Think not then read this article. Blue-collar talent is too scarce locally, execs say

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While helping disabled boy, he’s ‘tackled’ in sex sting; now he sues

Getting arrested in this country is only part of the problem. Guilty or innocent it is a branding for life. As you read through, the charges were dropped but the arrest remained a part of his record and it was followed by: “He was later released with a detention certificate that said there was “insufficient evidence” against him.” Not innocent or wrongfully arrested but ‘insufficient evidence.’

There is a creeping distrust of the term ‘sting’ sneaking into my mind because I am now thinking in terms of entrapment.

While helping disabled boy, he’s ‘tackled’ in sex sting; now he sues

So, how many people who get lured into a sting would have acted on an impulse that was made tempting by skilled policemen trained to pray on the weaknesses of those thinking a thought but maybe never having the courage to act on it.

17 arrests made in Clay County Internet sex sting; 


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Gang hostilities spilling over into our high schools?

In my town of Gainesville, FL where the main economic engines are education, medicine and government you would think this was not possible. Gang hostilities spilling over into our high


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