International ‘war’ on illegal drugs is failing to curb supply

My favorite DVD set is by Ken Burns called Prohibition. This is well doncocainee and well researched and its very lessons are lost to the world. All of the forces that were at play in that led to and maintained prohibition are at play in the war of drugs.

The problem is that there are too many vested interests in the war on drugs to let it go away. The same now is then is that lives are destroyed in the process. Millions of dollars are made by all parties and these come down to cops on the beat, prison guards, lawyers and the bottom feeders that live off those engaged in those engaged in the front line of the war on drugs. Money2These are bankers, mortgage holders, service industries and etc.

These bottom feeders reach to the highest levels of government. That includes those in the White House. We have been engaged for almost a decade in the wars of Afghanistan.  With boots on the ground and technology we could have wiped out the largest opium production but that opportunity was lost and the price of opiates is down and supply is up.

International ‘war’ on illegal drugs is failing to curb supply

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NYC inmate almost as costly as Ivy League tuition

RikersThe opening sentence says it all. ”  New York is indeed an expensive place, but experts say that alone doesn’t explain a recent report that found the city’s annual cost per inmate was $167,731 last year — nearly as much as it costs to pay for four years of tuition at an Ivy League university.”

The big question is who makes the money. I will argue that a huge chunk of the money goes to indirectly to politicians and union funds with spin off going to the businesses that feed off the situation. They would be the lawyers, court systems, police, bail bondsman and etc. It takes a huge bureaucracy of thousands of administrators from the court systems, transportation facilities and those that work in law officers, Rikers court systems and police. These bottom feeders make more money not doing their jobs than doing them correctly.

However, there is another group of bottom feeders that totally escape notice and that is schools do not teach and social workers that do not do their jobs as well. They are the ones that turn their back on situations that demand attention. Yes, in the end in comes down to parents that done care who fail to take care of their responsibilities as well.

NYC inmate almost as costly as Ivy League tuition

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Fight to the Death

Utah firing squad

Utah firing squad

The article points out that some 1,700 men and women have been executed by the state. Makes ya wonder how many were executed without just cause. That is if there is such a thing as just cause.

Fight to the Death

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Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, “Mine-Protected” Military SUV

dallas police armored vehicle

Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, “Mine-Protected” Military SUV

Give them a toy and they will have to play with it. The problem is that you put a toy like this on the streets and there are apt to be a lot of men and women suffering from PTSD and if they see it on the street in an unguarded moment there is no tellling what they will do.

Another conclusion is that the government of the people and for the people could be preparing to become an entity of its own and the people become the puppets of the government. Dose not have to be a conspiracy but it will become more like a confluent of interests. You know, 1984 revisited.

Then again and not to be lost in the shuffle is that the cartel’s of Latin America have become so strong on our streets that the police need to purchase weapons of this nature not so much to establish law and order but for their own safety.

In the end, who knows but the point to bear in mind is that the militarization of the police is a very bad precedent. Police are trained to shoot (and wound if possible)  only as a last resort to save a life.  Soldiers are trained to shoot first and to kill.  There is no middle ground in this equation. There is a second part of the equation and that is once you let loose with automatic weapons there is no telling where the bullets will end up. There are some heavy duty machine guns whose bullets will go through several walls prior to stopping. I have seen what a 50 cal will do to a human and keep on trucken for the next target.

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Lawyer for Florida veterans charity goes on trial

This is an interesting situation because the Lt. Gov. for the state resigned as soon as her connection to the Internet Cafe’s became clear. However, to date there has been nothing said about her going on trial as a member of the supporting force for the cafe’s. The lawyer on trial is in the same supporting force.

Now, we know that in the state of Florida that legislatures for the most part have a shield of invincibility from public prosecutionMoney2.

Lawyer for Florida veterans charity goes on trial

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New Metric for Colleges: Graduates’ Salaries

Money2This is a more realistic measurement of what the college graduate faces on graduation.

‘…PayScale’s rankings are just one manifestation of a growing nationwide movement toward quantifying the outcomes of college education based on economic factors like income and employment. The Obama administration wants to rank colleges by tuition, graduation rates, debt and earnings of graduates, and use the rankings to influence federal financial aid to students….”

 New Metric for Colleges: Graduates’ Salaries

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In China, the Dangers of Due Diligence

As our nation moves toward a world of government secrecy, we only have to look to China to see the outcome. “….The companies sell services that are considered essential to doing business in China, including background checks, financial audits, fraud investigations and trademark protection. In most of the world, such work is fairly mundane. But in China, where public records are limited and corruption is rampant, it can be tricky and dangerous…..’

 In China, the Dangers of Due Diligence

and from the Wall Street Journal: “We only know that Ying and Peter did investigative work on corruption within foreign companies,” the statement said. “As corruption is high on the schedule of China’s government, the incarceration of Ying and Peter seems to be
contradictory to China’s policy in itself.”

China Arrests Investigators Peter Humphrey, Yu Yingzeng

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